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About Dr. Zadeh

De Teanoosh Zadeh Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Zadeh is a recognized and experienced certified plastic surgeon who trained at Harvard University, Wisconsin, McGill and Laval Universities. He was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery at McGill University from 1996 to 2023 and Clinical Professor in the Department of Surgery at the University of Montreal.

With over 25 years of experience in complex trauma & cancer reconstructive surgery as well as aesthetic surgery, Dr Zadeh certainly has the skills set to guide you in your beauty transformation. A distinguished surgeon, he is recognized for his personalized care and his concern for excellence.

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Our satisfied clients

“My sister and I had breast implant surgery a month ago. We are both delighted with the natural-looking result!”

Stéphanie, Montréal

“I’ve been doing Botox treatments for 6 years now. As a result, my facial wrinkles haven’t returned. I have treatments every 4 months and the results are impeccable. Thank you Dr. Zadeh for taking care of my face!”

Alicia, Westmount

“After my 3 children and a very demanding career, I was struggling to rediscover my body and ideal size. Cosmetic surgery was a practical option and I’m pleased to affirm that Dr. Zadeh has been outstanding all along! His skills and professionalism completely reassured me, and the results have been beyond my expectations. I highly recommend him!”

Michelle, Montréal

“Recently, I decided to have gluteal lift surgery. I chose to do it with Dr. Zadeh without hesitation and I recommend him without hesitation!”

Laura, Westmount

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